At Three Village Veterinary Hospital in Stony Brook, NY, we offer many veterinary services to help your pet get the care he needs. Read on to learn how our veterinary team can help preserve your pet’s long term health. Here are some of the services we offer:


Dental Care

Like any veterinarian near you will tell you, it’s important to keep your pet's winning smile in good condition. Not only can it look good, but it helps prevent your pet from experiencing certain health problems that dental issues may create. Our dental services involve checking out your pet's dental health and, if there's anything that needs addressing, to deal with it before it becomes a more serious issue.


At times, your pet may need to have more invasive treatment, and that's where surgery comes into play. Some surgery is relatively minor, while other surgery is more involved, although any type of surgery carries inherent risks. Consult with a Stony Brook, NY, veterinarian on our team to discuss your specific pet's surgical needs.


Vaccines are valuable for your pet to avoid many illnesses that may otherwise hurt him. Call us so we can help your pet keep up with his vaccine schedule.

Laser Therapy

If your pet is experiencing pain or inflammation, laser therapy may be a good way to help address the pain without having to use medication or surgery.

Pet Wellness Exams

Routine exams help ensure that serious issues aren't allowed to grow from minor ones. By discovering health conditions early, a vet on our team can help your pet get the treatment he may need before the condition causes him too much harm.

International Health Certificates

When traveling abroad, some people want to be able to take their pet with them wherever they go. Just as it is important to get your passport, it is also required that you get your pet an international health certificate from a veterinarian near you.

Get Veterinary Services from a Veterinarian Near You

Don’t let your pet your friend suffer any more than he needs to. Give us a call at Three Village Veterinary Hospital in Stony Brook, NY, for the pet care your pet needs to get well. Call us at (631) 689-8877 .


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